Adding subtitles to your videos

Subtitles are used to make videos easier to understand. They serve many purposes. They can be used to translate one language into another to allow for non-speakers of the language to understand what is happening, and for non-native speakers of the video’s language to better understand and learn the words spoken. They are also used by the deaf and hard of hearing who would otherwise have a hard time enjoying the video.

Adding subtitles is a very simple process that can be completed with the following steps. There are multiple ways to do it, but we will begin by going to or to www.UniversalSubtitles.comand then upload our video there. and are online services that allow you to add subtitles for free. Registration is required first and is free. Read More

Top 30 Of the Best Free Subtitle Download Sites For Movies and Tv Shows

If you are looking for a free movie subtitle download site, you have come to the right spot. We are going to give you a list of the top 30 free subtitle download sites for TV shows and movies.

Best Free Download Sites For Movie & TV Show Subtitles


Easily one of the most organized and easy to use subtitle sites, allows you to easily browse popular and new movies. Where it stands out from most is showing the most downloaded subtitles and the top monthly uploaders for even better browsing. You can benefit from a variety of different options such as uploading, requesting, participating in the forum, or even posting in the blog to discuss movies and other subtitles.

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is one of the nicest layouts on our list. The black background makes viewing the site easy while the navigation is much better than most sites. You can easily browse recently added movies, popular movies among users, and the latest to hit the site. If you are looking for a specific genre or language, you can easily choose which one you are needing with their wide variety of topics.


If you are more of a minimilistic fan when it comes to webpages, Subscene is going to be the best subtitle download site to visit. Their simple design gives you quick access to the most popular and the latest movies subtitles that people are viewing and downloading. You can also choose from popular TV series and music videos as well. The search bar also allows you to filter your results for even quicker browsing.


Addic7ed is a very easy to use site that allows you to access thousands of free movie subtitles quickly and easily. Their site allows you to browse the most popular, most downloaded, recently added, and most uploaded contributor to explore new movies. You can also get more granular by searching for a specific movie title if you are needing just one specific movie.


SubDivx is a free movie subtitle download website that takes on the familiar layout of a forum. This makes for easy browsing and searching of the most recent, popular, and most downloaded subtitles on the site. Not only do they have movies, they also have a forum to discuss some of the latest movies, subtitles, and TV shows that are hitting screens soon.


Subs4Free takes on a different look than most, but that does not mean that it is not worth checking out. The theme of this site is to highlight the latest movie and tv subtitles on the front page while allowing users to browse other categories in the top bar and side bars. The best part is, they allow multiple uploads for each movie from different users.

Podnapisi is an easily navigable site that allows you to surf thousands of movie and tv show subtitles right from the homepage. Choose from the latest subtitles, subtitles from the last 30 days, most downloaded subtitles, and most commented subtitles. You can also browse by uploader if you are a fan of a certain style of subtitles as well. Language filters allow you to sort by your native language.


Downsub is a more of an on-demand type of site that allows you to enter in the youtube video of the video you want to get the subtitles from. While it is not as nice as many of the other sites, it is still very useful for what your project may be.

If you are in need of english subtitles for some of the most popular movies and TV shows, then you need to check out This site has all of the latest and greatest movie subtitles available in English to aid you in your movie watching. Download SRT files to use quickly and easily at your dispense. An easy to use search bar is a great feature as well!

For those in need of getting free english subtitles of popular TV shows, is your one stop shop for even the most recent episodes of your favorite shows. Browse the most popular, latest uploaded, and most downloaded subtitles for just about any and every show you can imagine. Need a different language? Easily sort the selection of shows by subtitle language!

Lil Subs Subtitle Downloader

Lil Subs subtitle downloaded is a free site that allows you to easily download the subtitles to any youtube, Vlive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and just about any other popular video upload site. Their easy to use downloader uses the link to the video to translate the subtitles into a file that you can download and use at your discretion. This site is very simple to use.

Acting as a more visual site, allows you to easily scan through the most popular and last submitted movies and tv series to find the subtitles you are looking for. You can also sort by genre, languages, countries, and tags for even more segmented browsings. Can’t find what you are looking for? Use the integrated search bar to find exactly what you are needing.

Easy Subtitles

Just as the name implies, takes minimalism to the next level with their drag and drop feature of their site. Simply get the video file that you want to extract your subtitle from and drop it into the site. You can convert up to 20 videos a time which makes bulk uploading a breeze. This site is mainly used for grabbing subtitles out of videos, not searching your favorite movies or shows.


Bollynook is an interesting site as the colorful background gives off a very artsy vibe. However, that does not take away from its easy usability when it comes to searching for movie subtitles and even song lyric translations. This site is loaded with free subtitles for the latest and greatest movies and even the most popular, chart-topping song lyrics in many different languages.

Ondertitel is one of our favorite simple sites that you can access thousands of free movie subtitles. You can search for specific movies or tv shows right from the home page or use the navigation bar to browse the most recent, top downloaded, and most popular move subtitles. You may have to have this site translated as it is offered in German only.

As the most modern looking free movie subtitle site on our list provides an user friendly interface to allow for easy navigation. Easily search for the latest movies, most downloaded subtitles, and even tv shows to get your free subtitles. Looking for something not on the list? Use the forum to ask for a request or even to discuss upcoming or present movies!


Subsmax provides people who are looking for free movie subtitles with a no cost solution with various different launguages available for each movie. You can easily search for any of the most popular movies available and even sort to see which movie subtitles are being downloaded the most. Can’t find the subtitles you need? Use their free subtitle generator tool to translate your video to subtitles with a simple copy and paste of a link.

Get Subtitles

Unlike most on this list, Get Subtitles is transforming the industry with its easy to use free movie subtitle app. Access thousands of movie subtitles quickly and easily from the convenience of your smart phone. This app is located on the google play store to be downloaded on just about any device! Great for on the go subtitle downloading virtually anywhere in the world.


Digital digest is not just your average free movie subtitle website, it is a news blog with guides, software, trailers and more. If you are searching for subtitles, you can easily find the latest and greatest free movies subtitles ranging from just released to older classics and everything in between. Check them out and see what all that they have to offer! offers a wide variety of different styles of movie subtitles ranging from mainstream hits to lesser known films that may be popular in various countries. These free movie subtitles are offered in various languages along with many different statistics on each movie. You can also benefit from a list of new movie releases coming up in their ever-updating side bar on their home page.


Known for their super easy and quick process of generating subtitles from video links, OSDownloader is an industry leader when it comes to providing users with subtitles for just about any type of video you can imagine. Simply copy and paste the video url into the site to generate the subtitles of the video you need. It’s as easy as two clicks!

Subtitles HR

SubtitlesHR is another favorite for those looking to find free movie subtitles on the web. The site is very easy to use and allows you to see the latest uploads to keep up with the newest subtitles or you can opt to search for movies alphabetically. Movies are sorted by letter to make navigating the site much easier. This site also offers many other features.


One of the most intricate free movie subtitle websites on our list is subsynchro. This site is elegantly build with user experience in mind and allows the user to easily navigate to find the exact movie they are looking for. With a search bar and segmented searching filter buttons, finding the right movie is just a few clicks away!

DivX Subtitles

DivX subtitles is a relatively easy site to use to get the free movie subtitles that you are searching for. On the home page you will see the latest movie uploads that range from the newest releases to the classic movies you loved as a kid. Looking for a specific movie subtitle? Use the easy to use search bar or browse movies by alphabetical order.

Popcorn Subtitles

While most free movie subtitle sites on this list are geared toward showing the user what’s new or what’s popular, subtitlesapp is made to extract subtitles from a video of your choosing. Simply find the video you want subtitles for, copy the link, paste the link into the site, and wait for your subtitles to be generated! It’s as easy as that!


English Subtitles For DivX Movies

English subtitles for Divx movies is not only a free movie subtitle site, it also allows you to learn about what subtitles are and teaches you how to apply subtitles in your Divx movies. Navigation is easy with movie titles grouped alphabetically to allow you to quickly find the exact movie that you are looking for. Rather search? Use their integrated search barn to locate your movie subtitles!

If you are looking for reliable, free subtitles for just about any movie you can imagine whether it’s new or old, is the place to be. With an easy to use search bar, you can easily find the exact movie you are looking for. Don’t have one in mind? Browse the top downloaded or latest movies for recommendations on some of the most popular movies.

While there are thousands of sites on the internet for movie subtitles, not all of them offer tv shows or series. That is where fills the gap and offer free subtitles for just about each and every show imaginable. From the most recent episodes to timeless classic tv shows, you can rest assured that this site will have just what you are looking for.

SRT Subtitle

For those wanting a free movie subtitle site with various languages available, SRTsubtitle should be on your list of sites to check out. Offering up SRT file subtitles for thousands of the hottest movies and even timeless classic, SRTsubtitles continues to be a favorite among those searching for free movie subtitles. Use their easy navigation to sort through genres and multiple popular categories to get just what you need.

Legality of Subtitles

You might have seen subtitles while watching a number of movies and series. They are mainly used to enable people, mainly from some other linguistic regions, to understand what is being shown on the screen. But are these subtitles legal or illegal?

Where to get subtitles?

There are a number of sites like etc. that offer their services to the producers of various movies and series who want to give subtitles in their project. They offer these captions for movies and TV series in various languages. You can get them fast and easily just with a click of your mouse.

Ensuring the legality of subtitles

When it comes to determine the legal position of the subtitles offered by the sites like etc. it is normally said that the downloadable files offered by them are not illegal as they offer only those files that are believed to be redistributed freely. Read More