Adding subtitles to your videos

Subtitles are used to make videos easier to understand. They serve many purposes. They can be used to translate one language into another to allow for non-speakers of the language to understand what is happening, and for non-native speakers of the video’s language to better understand and learn the words spoken. They are also used by the deaf and hard of hearing who would otherwise have a hard time enjoying the video.

Adding subtitles is a very simple process that can be completed with the following steps. There are multiple ways to do it, but we will begin by going to or to www.UniversalSubtitles.comand then upload our video there. and are online services that allow you to add subtitles for free. Registration is required first and is free.

There is a tutorial video on that instructs the user on how to create the SubRip subtitle file (called the .srt file). Watching it and follow the instructions. After it is created, you can download that file to our computer.

Now that you have the .srt file for your video, you can use it in different ways. You can upload it to a video on YouTube or to or any other streaming service, or you can use it on your computer along with the video file that you have created it for.

If you wish to use the subtitles for a video on your computer, you must name the .srt file the same as your video name and they must both be in the same directory.

For example: If you have a video called mybirthday.mp4 the .srt file must be called my, or else it won’t work. VLC is a video player that works well with this arrangement, but other video players may also work.

If they do not match, slowly click twice on the file and it will allow you to rename it. If you double click too fast it will open the file.

If you wish to add subtitles to your YouTube channel, then here are the steps that must be followed.

First, upload your video to YouTube, and be sure to click on the aptions’ option when configuring your video. Then you must click on dd a Caption Track’, you will be prompted to choose your .srt file from your computer. You must then select the language you wish to choose.

Your .srt will then uploaded along with the video and they can be viewed together by selection the captions icon (the CC at the bottom of the video) when playing the video.

If you mark your video as public on YouTube, other YouTubers will be able to add their own subtitles to your video, which will allow people to add their own translations if they so wish.

Other videos hosting sites have similar processes. To add subtitles to your account, the process is a little more different.

When you upload your video to you will have the option to choose dd additional Format/captioning’. This will prompt you to select your .srt file from your computer for upload. Then you must select what language you want from the drop-down menu.

After you upload this, your file will be ready. Like on YouTube, has a CC icon at the bottom of the video that will turn your subtitles on while your video is playing.

If you wish, you can even upload your subtitled video to for viewing.

There is also another way to add subtitles to your video without using any website to create it. The process is very simple and will be described in the following steps.

• Open Notepad
• Type in ’ and press enter, this means this is the first subtitle. You must add 1 and 2 and 3 for the second, third, and fourth subtitle respectively
• Under the ’ put in your timestamp, it must follow this format “00:00:00.00 –> 00:00:05.00’ The time means HH(hours): MM(minutes): SS(seconds).TT(milliseconds). It is the time you want that subtitle to appear on your video.
• Press enter again and write your subtitle underneath the timestamp
• Repeat the process above, except putting it under the ’ and ’ and so on
• After you finish creating your subtitle file in notepad, save your file, but change the ave as type’ to All Files and chance the .txt to .srt
• Also if your subtitles are not in English, change the encoding to UTF-8 before clicking save.

After this, you now have created a .srt file on your own computer without any web service. You can now use the .srt file to upload to YouTube or use on your own computer along with your video files.

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